Democracy, y or n?

The new year is here, and Trump was voted out of office. Joe Biden will take his place.

This is the most crazy time in american politics I’ve seen. Trump has not conceded, and is now pressuring the senate to not ratify the results. I’ll have to make sure and update about this tomorrow. Maybe in a few hundred years I can make some history blog or something.

Proud Boys are now marching on Washington. Small amount so far. Doesn’t look like more than 50 people.

They are going all out with this Save America March. I think most people are convinced that the president is insane, and really doesn’t believe he lost the election, or(my opinion) he is doing this for the millions of dollars in donations he is bringing in to “fight election fraud”.

So, not sure when I last mentioned it, but there is still this whole pandemic going on with COVID-19. One of the main things Trumps supports seem to believe is that it’s a hoax. As you can see in the above photo, they are packed in like sardines. And in the below photo, the speaker encourages attendees to hug each other and say “super spreader event” or something.

So, with my boredom with reality the past few decades, things are starting to look up. If the country devolves into chaos, it will be really interesting. I said the same thing when trump was elected, “news is going to get real good for a bit.”

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