Elephant painting

Well, actually it is a paint of a elephant piggy bank. I usually keep painting until I hate it, but this time I think I stopped at just the right spot, so that’s why this one made the website. I have several that did not. And I did a little IMPOSTO on the ear. So excited about the tub of IMPOSTO goop and it’s a lot of fun. Kind of hard. Got some metal knives too.

New painting in the works

I was browsing National Geographic’s Instagram and found a photo I liked, so I printed it out, and I’ve got a sketch going. I’m going to use one of my 12×16 canvas boards.


Not sure if I’m done yet or not. I’m going to sleep on it. I usually scare them up if I keep painting.

I bought a few more domain names on a whim

Listing them here as a reminder, and also to get the sweet, sweet, SEO baby!




Currently that all point here, but I’ll figure out what to do with them at some point. I was thinking for the .lol one, I could slap together something that would turn all the body text of this site into something funny, and output it to chrisweber.lol.