I think we may be at the beginning of Elysium

I was listening to a report on NPR New Hour about how the poor are dealing with the pandemic, and it got me thinking. There is a whole section of the population that can’t work from home, and are in businesses that have been closed for an entire year. There is a second class of people and there is no way for them to ever get out of the hole. This sort of indifference is how we get on the Elysium path. This made a fuckton more sense when I thought about it, and was a lot more hashed out in my head… But, by the time I got here to post it, gone. Like a wonderful dream that you can only enjoy for the fleeting moments you can still remember it.

Started drawing again

I started drawing a little while ago. Like a month or two ago. I’ve decided to post this one I’ve been working on before I screw it up by trying to do too much. That is what I normally do. It’s a drawing of some weirdo Canadian artist that I follow on social media. Summer Emerald.

I should probably scan it in. This looks distorted because I wasn’t able to get it exactly head on.

New level of Shitty Food Prep

I’ve had a lot of vet bills lately, and I haven’t really been paying attention to my spending. I also have been wanting to see how long I could live off of the food I already have stock-piled in the pantry, so that’s what I’m doing. I think it’s been three weeks since I’ve been to Costco or a grocery store.

My idea with the abomination pictured above was to do a somewhat Pad-Thai inspired dish. I didn’t have any peanuts, so the brown you’re seeing is half a can of refried beans. I used that with the soy sauce packet the noodles came with. Slapped a little Sriracha and jalapenos on top and here we are.


It’s a low fat food. FDA requires that 30% or less of a foods calories can come from fat to be labeled as a low fat food.

It’s Superb Owl day!!!

I’m a little disappointed none of the dispensaries are doing any promos. At least I haven received any emails about it today. Wonder if they all just closed. It snowed a few inches today too. And it’s like 7 degrees.

Headed over to Dee and Michaels house to watch the game. Gonna hang out with the tiny human, and try to catch as many commercials as I can.

Monster Insights installed

I’ve had quite a few comments left on my site, the vast majority are obvious spam. Some don’t really seem to be though, or at least I can’t figure out what the end game is of comments like “great read, keep it up!” and crap like that. Maybe those are there to check if they can leave comments, and then they start the spam? I don’t know.

So any, I installed this plug-in and setup Google Analytics. Just the free monitoring on both systems, but this should help me decide whether I’ve had any real human visitors. I’m assuming not.


Nah, that’d be funny but not productive to what I’m trying to do with this thing.

Noticed that the website was down a couple weeks ago. Finally remembered today and happen to have time to take a look.

So, seems like some really crappy old IBM PC bios code still left in this fancy ultra tiny thing I’ve got from Lenovo. At some point it lost power, and because there was no keyboard plugged in, it threw an error. Then, it went into error boot mode, and got stuck trying to network boot. Did some solid tweeks and it’s up and running, and should not go down again(in the same exact way).

Where was I when domestic terrorists took the capital?

Same place I’ve been all year! At home.

This is so crazy. If this was Black Lives Matters protesters, they’d be all shot dead. They wouldn’t have gotten within a few feet of the front door.

I guess it’s hard for the police to stop the rioters when half the force took the day off to riot.

Democracy, y or n?

The new year is here, and Trump was voted out of office. Joe Biden will take his place.

This is the most crazy time in american politics I’ve seen. Trump has not conceded, and is now pressuring the senate to not ratify the results. I’ll have to make sure and update about this tomorrow. Maybe in a few hundred years I can make some history blog or something.

Proud Boys are now marching on Washington. Small amount so far. Doesn’t look like more than 50 people.

They are going all out with this Save America March. I think most people are convinced that the president is insane, and really doesn’t believe he lost the election, or(my opinion) he is doing this for the millions of dollars in donations he is bringing in to “fight election fraud”.

So, not sure when I last mentioned it, but there is still this whole pandemic going on with COVID-19. One of the main things Trumps supports seem to believe is that it’s a hoax. As you can see in the above photo, they are packed in like sardines. And in the below photo, the speaker encourages attendees to hug each other and say “super spreader event” or something.

So, with my boredom with reality the past few decades, things are starting to look up. If the country devolves into chaos, it will be really interesting. I said the same thing when trump was elected, “news is going to get real good for a bit.”