Packing day Saturday

So far no news is good news, so I guess my house is still closing twenty-four days. The plan is to finish putting shit in boxes this Saturday. Probably sort the storage out too.

Another offer

I signed another offer on the house today. This one is for 200k, but I’ll only net like 75K, so that’ll what I’ll have to figure out my living situation. We should be closing on the 31st.

Still trying to sell the house

So I’ve had to spend another 3k so far after the inspection. The first buyers walked. I lower asking 10k. The plan now is to hold an open house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We are having it at my Grandfather’s house, which is now my cousin’s house. Should be nice to see the old place.

Work crazy home crazy

Decided to sell house. Got offer after eight days. Buyer got scared off after inspection. So first deal fell though for 210k.

So this time I have fully moved into my mothers house. The plan is to give it a month in the market, and pull it if it doesn’t sell. I keep forgetting to write this down.

New phone number

I found this website called Number Barn. It’s a place where you can search for, and then purchase specific phone numbers. I wanted to port it to google voice, but GV only allows you to port in a mobile phone number, and the line I bought was classified as landline. So, to get around this I’ve parked the number and Number Barn for $2 a month. Now, I have also ordered a SIM card from US Mobile for ~$5. So, I’ll port the number there, and then port it to google voice. The number cost $19. $2 to park it. And I guess it’ll be like $20 for a month of service at US Mobile. I could probably BS my way through customer service to save some of those fees, but it is not worth it.

I wonder if my stupid apple can just do 2 SIM cards? I’ve run into a few issues where some sites do not like to do MFA with a GV number.

Any who, this is the new number:

Helping mom

Looks like it’s time to help mom clean again. Her sister or BIL or someone dropped a bunch of junk off at her house. Some sort of miscommunication where she was willing to take a couple pieces of furniture, but they filled up the entire room of trash.

Murder mystery idea

Looks like a suicide via car on CO.

Really, the person was leaving their house when suddenly they’re trapped, and the cat starts filling with CO.

Pan to the evil hacker on the other end controlling their car, and garage door, and maybe some other shit too.

Oracle Linux 8.4 Webserver Virtualization Project


I’d like to move my webserver over to Oracle Linux, so that I can get more familiar with it for work, and I’d like to virtualize it. So I’ve got a 1 TB HD in a 5-6 gen i5. I’m also planning on testing my backups instead of restoring straight from the running system.

Getting it set was fairly simple. I was able to get 8.4 installed with just the virtualization features. I’ve got a bare install of 8.4 installed in a VM called thecwebVirt. So with the backup of my package list from thecweb, and the tar of /var/www, it should be fairly quick to spin this bitch back up. Oh, and I got a tar etc too.

Now I’m planning on setting up a caching DNS server to see if I can noticeably speed up my web browsing. I’ve never run my own D

NS server, but I should probably get some practice. Also, it’ll give me something to do while I’m in Zion National Park next week.

Simple, yet functional interface.