Loving the new job

I’m still in training though, so it’s hard to say that for real. I was chosen to join the Fed team, which means I have to become a Public Trust, and work on projects for the DoD and VA. I must say that this was the last team I wanted to be on. Still not sure what to put on my forms with all the shit that’s happened through the years. One of the docs said “we aren’t looking for perfect people, we’re looking for honest people”. So I guess be as honest as I can be. My aunt has that clearance also, and she said to save every years forms, because if they are different from year to year, that throws up a red flag.

Training is going well. I’m solid 3.5 student according to my weekly report cards(lol). I’m going through training with some dude who switched to IT after being a phlebotomist for a while. This is his first IT gig. He seems cool, and so far we get along. He is super slow at shit, but that is to be expected. It also helps me to have to explain things.

What else… Trump lost the election, but he is refusing to admit it. Constant tweets about it be rigged, and illegal votes, and case after case. Same shit as the 2000 election, only this time the loser is refusing to give up. Trying to coin the word pathetisad to describe him.

Oh, last night I was driving home from Costco, and a moped gang was screwing around on the road. Squealing tires, swerving into oncoming traffic, just being asses. They’re in front of me and making a left, so I start speeding up, when suddenly a scooter in the right lane tries to make a left turn and I hit him. I don’t think the guy had insurance, or they knew it was his fault or something because they were all acting sketchy. First he said I can just leave and didn’t want to exchange info. Finally I got a first name and phone number out of him. Fuck it, just turned it over to USAA. Probably will cost me a $500 deductible, but at least no one was hurt.

And now, the real reason this stupid blog exists… The dank memes…

I spend way too much time on this Canadian artists social media. Love her work.
Smashy Smashy. only 2300 miles on my boy. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY BOY!!!1
look at this dumb sexy bitch
I think we’d be friends if we met, but really it was just be awkward, and I’d come off as an old creep. which is apt

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