Starting at a medical software company next week as a Systems Engineer

I was all set to start at another MSP, but then got an email to interview with them. I thought about just saying no, but took the interview anyway, then I had tree more 45 minute interviews the next day. Got the offer the day after that. It’s for 6K more than the MSP was offering. It is for their Academy program, so designed for people fresh out of college, which I kind of am. Five weeks of training. I should get matched to my department after 2 weeks, and then go on for specialized training. Super excited. Picked up my laptop today, and it appears to be new, which is nice. 10th gen i5, but not sure how much RAM. I haven’t been given a password yet. I’m supposed to get that on my first day.

I also got my teeth fixed this morning. I had developed a valley in my two from teeth from grinding them. It looked really bad, and I was starting to get really self conscious, but now they look great. Added maybe a mm to them both. He still said I might need braces, and possibly crowns in 5-10 years on all front four…

I also had my tele-medicine appointment for my Missouri Medical Marijuana card. Anxiety is one of the recognized conditions, and we all know I’ve suffered from that for decades. It was pretty easy. Just make an appointment, doc asks a few questions, says I’ll know in a couple weeks if MO approved me.

Oh yeah, finally pulled the trigger on the tattoo I’ve been thinking about for months. Aperture with a nebula inside. The artist traced the aperture and then free handed all the nebula and stars and such. I’m pretty happy with it.

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