I suck at keeping a blog

Sorry, it’s been a month and a half since my last update. Last week Ron opened the fireplace, and rolled around in there, completely covering himself in soot. I ignored it for a few days, but Friday evening I decided to clean him off while my mom was there to help. Big mistake. He got his fangs into her arm pretty deep. By the next afternoon her arm had swollen up to at least twice the size as normal. I took her to the ER, and they gave her IV antibiotics, and an RX for oral antibiotics, and send her home.
She calls me around 10 pm that evening because it’s gotten worse, so I drive her back to the ER. Long story short, she was admitted to the hospital 3 days. Given several IV antibiotic treatments. Her arm is still pretty messed up, but she feels better, and she isn’t mad at Ron, so that’s good. I plan on taking care of her medical bills, since it was my little spawn of Satan that bit her.

Work is going OK. I had another bought with not giving a fuck and getting black out drunk for a week or two. Called in sick for a week. Almost got fired. Finally admitted to work that me missed work was because of alcoholism. I was written up twice, so pretty much will be fired if I screw up again. I have several stipulations I have to follow. No unplanned absences without a doctor’s note. Pandemic is still raging, but I’m going into the office everyday. I like it. I was going way too long without seeing other people. It was great at first, but really started getting to me after a few months. Need to start studying for the MS-101, but I keep saying I’ll start next week.

There is probably a bunch more stuff I need to get down before I forget, but I’m tired. I’ll try and post at least once a week from now on.

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