No Work yet, new car, update

I did not end up going back to work. The COVID-19 restrictions were lifted for a week before the cases skyrocketed. Missouri had more cases in one day then ever before. So, I’ll be working from home until after July 4th, at the earliest.

My mail server can now send and receive mail. I still need to setup a proper SPF and DMARC DKIM records, so for the moment any sent mail is marked as spam. I’m lacking in the motivation department at the moment.

Some good news, the foot pain that took me out of jogging for a weeks has subsided, and I’m been able to jog a 10K two Saturdays in a row. Today’s was about 58 minutes, so pretty good for me. I think what really did me in was the 2-3 10Ks a week. That is just too much for someone my age, or maybe I just need to take is slower, until I’m in better shape.

I also decided to get some house plants. It was interesting to see that only two types of plants that Home Depot sold were not toxic to cats and dogs… I googled everyone they had, and came out with two. One is cool, with the bottoms of the leaves are purple, and in the day it spreads its leaves out, and at night it brings them up. Also a Fan Palm, or a Palm Fan, I forget. Ron Swanson has already knocked the Palm over, so I hope it takes root and recovers.

Anyway, here is my new car finished with the front windows tinted. I still haven’t hit 500 miles, but I’m loving the Android Auto. I decided to cancel Sirus XM and just use that for all audio and podcasts.

Love this thing
All four of my pets…
Excerpt from The Dresden files book I’m reading. I forgot the title, and it’s in the other room, so….
I’ve tried to get up early, like 6:30 or 7 am for a few weeks now. Keep failing and sleeping until 8:30-40

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