Going back to work Friday

It’s been a while. 10 days. I’ve been busy. Traded in my old 2013 Hyundai Elantra for a new 2002 Hyundai Kona. I’m really happy with the decision. It’s got all the nice new features, leather, Turbocharger, it’s a compact SUV, and it just looks really, really nice to me.

I also finally got around to selling my dad’s old 2003 Toyota Tacoma. It has been sitting in my driveway unused for a year or two, and before that I wasn’t using it more than once a month anyway. I put about 4k miles on it the six years I owned it.

Getting the front two windows tinted at lunch tomorrow, and then I’ll take some pics. I’m also going to work for the first time since March. They’ve got plastic dividers between our cubes, and were required to wear masks when we are in any of the common areas. We are also required to take our temperature every morning, and log it. Seems like a great way to make sure every one in the company touches the same thing, but I’m sure they’re bright enough to but hand sanitizer by it. If not, guess I’ll be washing my hands after. Excited to be back, and if I have to spend an hour 5 hours a week driving to and from work, at least I’ll be a lot more comfortable doing it.

I finished my first Ann Rice book. Not sure if it will be my last or not. The main character turns into a wolf. Then he randomly comes across some woman in the woods while and wolf form, and they bang. My sister Diana said that is fairly tame for some of Ann Rice’s books, so I guess I got lucky?

It’s Farley Quinn, get it? Get It? GET IT?

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