Started a new painting!

All my crap is in a 10 by 20 foot storage unit, but I was smart and kept my painting stuff in my mom’s house. I found this pic on National Geographic’s Instagram account. It is a Common Loon according to the post. I printed it in grayscale and I’ll add my own colors. right now I’m thinking as close to like neon purple and green, with a yellow and green/blue color, with kind of a milky look that some lakes have.


For the past year or so I’ve been riding with my mother to pick up my grandfather from dialysis. I had no idea before this that the dialysis one of the larger social programs in the country. Whole process is so expensive that people would just die if we all didn’t pitch in. Beautiful. Pretty sure is this was invented now we would just let people die. But I really enjoy the time with Papa. Telling him about my life, and he relates little nuggets of truth he’s picked up along the way.

Work sucks so I’m thinking I need some meds to be adjusted. I’m too impulsive, and probably going to get fired if I don’t find a way to moderate my behavior. It’s hard to care of course with well over a years salary in cash.

Still no clue what to do. I’d hope I would have had a plan by now.


Decaffeinated Re-Caffeinated Coffee. The purpose is to enable super accurate dosing of caffeine. With the idea being you can find your optimum balance of goods versus negative effects. Companion app of course.

House actually closed today

Finally! This dumb idea has come to an end. lol

So I didn’t actually close on December 31st. The buyer’s financing fell through and the “backup cash offer” was caught off guard. So they of course didn’t have the cash. Luckily for me I just had to close 5 days later when they got the cash.

House closing today

Well, I sign today. The buyer signs tomorrow and that is the actual closing date. Also, I’ve got the junk people coming to pick up the trash and then I’m out! Done with that house. On to the next one!

Four hours in a year

Nintendo sent me an emailing detailing what games I played and for how long in 2021. I plan on doubling that in January alone. Watch out 2022, imma waste some time!

Packing day Saturday

So far no news is good news, so I guess my house is still closing twenty-four days. The plan is to finish putting shit in boxes this Saturday. Probably sort the storage out too.

Another offer

I signed another offer on the house today. This one is for 200k, but I’ll only net like 75K, so that’ll what I’ll have to figure out my living situation. We should be closing on the 31st.