Oracle Linux 8.4 Webserver Virtualization Project


I’d like to move my webserver over to Oracle Linux, so that I can get more familiar with it for work, and I’d like to virtualize it. So I’ve got a 1 TB HD in a 5-6 gen i5. I’m also planning on testing my backups instead of restoring straight from the running system.

Getting it set was fairly simple. I was able to get 8.4 installed with just the virtualization features. I’ve got a bare install of 8.4 installed in a VM called thecwebVirt. So with the backup of my package list from thecweb, and the tar of /var/www, it should be fairly quick to spin this bitch back up. Oh, and I got a tar etc too.

Now I’m planning on setting up a caching DNS server to see if I can noticeably speed up my web browsing. I’ve never run my own D

NS server, but I should probably get some practice. Also, it’ll give me something to do while I’m in Zion National Park next week.

Simple, yet functional interface.