It’s Superb Owl day!!!

I’m a little disappointed none of the dispensaries are doing any promos. At least I haven received any emails about it today. Wonder if they all just closed. It snowed a few inches today too. And it’s like 7 degrees.

Headed over to Dee and Michaels house to watch the game. Gonna hang out with the tiny human, and try to catch as many commercials as I can.

Monster Insights installed

I’ve had quite a few comments left on my site, the vast majority are obvious spam. Some don’t really seem to be though, or at least I can’t figure out what the end game is of comments like “great read, keep it up!” and crap like that. Maybe those are there to check if they can leave comments, and then they start the spam? I don’t know.

So any, I installed this plug-in and setup Google Analytics. Just the free monitoring on both systems, but this should help me decide whether I’ve had any real human visitors. I’m assuming not.