much train

Training for almost 6 weeks. No end in sight. I’ve got all the paperwork submitted for me VA/DOD stuff, but no contact from them yet.

Learning citrix atm. Mostly review, but some new info.

Calendar reminder worked

Well, it has worked one time so far.

Not much to talk about. Ready for training to be over. I was extremely impressed with the org of this org, but you so quickly see a company’s flaws with some experience.

$4500 for the repair bill for my car. Fucking insane. That is like 1/5 of what I paid for it. Glad it shouldn’t change the way it drives at all, but not like I fucking drive anyway.

Almost done with this Jade City book. By Fonda Lee. It’s good enough that I’ll read the second novel. Probably after I read the next The Expanse.

Loving the new job

I’m still in training though, so it’s hard to say that for real. I was chosen to join the Fed team, which means I have to become a Public Trust, and work on projects for the DoD and VA. I must say that this was the last team I wanted to be on. Still not sure what to put on my forms with all the shit that’s happened through the years. One of the docs said “we aren’t looking for perfect people, we’re looking for honest people”. So I guess be as honest as I can be. My aunt has that clearance also, and she said to save every years forms, because if they are different from year to year, that throws up a red flag.

Training is going well. I’m solid 3.5 student according to my weekly report cards(lol). I’m going through training with some dude who switched to IT after being a phlebotomist for a while. This is his first IT gig. He seems cool, and so far we get along. He is super slow at shit, but that is to be expected. It also helps me to have to explain things.

What else… Trump lost the election, but he is refusing to admit it. Constant tweets about it be rigged, and illegal votes, and case after case. Same shit as the 2000 election, only this time the loser is refusing to give up. Trying to coin the word pathetisad to describe him.

Oh, last night I was driving home from Costco, and a moped gang was screwing around on the road. Squealing tires, swerving into oncoming traffic, just being asses. They’re in front of me and making a left, so I start speeding up, when suddenly a scooter in the right lane tries to make a left turn and I hit him. I don’t think the guy had insurance, or they knew it was his fault or something because they were all acting sketchy. First he said I can just leave and didn’t want to exchange info. Finally I got a first name and phone number out of him. Fuck it, just turned it over to USAA. Probably will cost me a $500 deductible, but at least no one was hurt.

And now, the real reason this stupid blog exists… The dank memes…

I spend way too much time on this Canadian artists social media. Love her work.
Smashy Smashy. only 2300 miles on my boy. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY BOY!!!1
look at this dumb sexy bitch
I think we’d be friends if we met, but really it was just be awkward, and I’d come off as an old creep. which is apt

Starting at a medical software company next week as a Systems Engineer

I was all set to start at another MSP, but then got an email to interview with them. I thought about just saying no, but took the interview anyway, then I had tree more 45 minute interviews the next day. Got the offer the day after that. It’s for 6K more than the MSP was offering. It is for their Academy program, so designed for people fresh out of college, which I kind of am. Five weeks of training. I should get matched to my department after 2 weeks, and then go on for specialized training. Super excited. Picked up my laptop today, and it appears to be new, which is nice. 10th gen i5, but not sure how much RAM. I haven’t been given a password yet. I’m supposed to get that on my first day.

I also got my teeth fixed this morning. I had developed a valley in my two from teeth from grinding them. It looked really bad, and I was starting to get really self conscious, but now they look great. Added maybe a mm to them both. He still said I might need braces, and possibly crowns in 5-10 years on all front four…

I also had my tele-medicine appointment for my Missouri Medical Marijuana card. Anxiety is one of the recognized conditions, and we all know I’ve suffered from that for decades. It was pretty easy. Just make an appointment, doc asks a few questions, says I’ll know in a couple weeks if MO approved me.

Oh yeah, finally pulled the trigger on the tattoo I’ve been thinking about for months. Aperture with a nebula inside. The artist traced the aperture and then free handed all the nebula and stars and such. I’m pretty happy with it.

Pandemic job search, GO!

18 of September 2020, I was terminated by PG. I kept missing work because of my alcoholism, and it was finally too much for them. So I’ve been sober for a couple weeks now. Things are good. Jogged a 10K this morning. I have a phone interview tomorrow. It’s the first one I’ve got since I was fired, but I hope to get many more interviews. This is for a NOC position with a 2 day. 3 day 12 hour shift setup. Not sure if that’s something I would like or not, but right now I’m casting a wide net.

I thought I caught COVID-19 because I had a fever or 99-99.9 for like a week. Got Tested. The rapid tests came back negative, but I’m still waiting on the full one. Pretty sure the thermometer I was using was broken. It’s an in the ear one that my Mother had. I bought another one and my temp was normal, and I was normal when they did the test.

I’ve decided to take a break from the Dresden Files. I think I’m on book 9. I bought the first three books to the Expanse series. I really loved the first season of the show, and I hate to be one of those “the book is better” people, but in this case it is by far. After the first one I’ve got Jim Carey’s novel to read. It sounds like a fiction novel, but uses a lot of peoples real names, so I’m guessing it is at least partially based on true events. It’s gotten really good reviews, so I hope it wasn’t a waste of money. Not often I spring for the hardbacks.

Oh yeah, and I killed one of the plants. The palm. It turned yellow, so I thought I was watering it too much. Then it went from yellow to brown before I knew what happened. The other one is alive, but kind of sickly looking.

SSDD pandemic

Not much happened this week. I’m getting weekly deliveries from Imperfect Foods. Just produce. It’s like $20 a week for 10 lbs or assorted produce. Made a really nice veggie lasagna last week. This week I’ve got a couple pounds of mini potatoes and brussel sprouts to cook up. Not sure how long I’ll keep it, but I’m liking it so far.

Greyson turned 3, so we went over to my sister’s house to celebrate. No other family besides mom, michael, and diana. Little dude is getting big. We just had brats and burgers, and then ice cream cake. This was dairy queen, and apparently they don’t have actual cake in their ice cream cakes, but it was still good.

I suck at keeping a blog

Sorry, it’s been a month and a half since my last update. Last week Ron opened the fireplace, and rolled around in there, completely covering himself in soot. I ignored it for a few days, but Friday evening I decided to clean him off while my mom was there to help. Big mistake. He got his fangs into her arm pretty deep. By the next afternoon her arm had swollen up to at least twice the size as normal. I took her to the ER, and they gave her IV antibiotics, and an RX for oral antibiotics, and send her home.
She calls me around 10 pm that evening because it’s gotten worse, so I drive her back to the ER. Long story short, she was admitted to the hospital 3 days. Given several IV antibiotic treatments. Her arm is still pretty messed up, but she feels better, and she isn’t mad at Ron, so that’s good. I plan on taking care of her medical bills, since it was my little spawn of Satan that bit her.

Work is going OK. I had another bought with not giving a fuck and getting black out drunk for a week or two. Called in sick for a week. Almost got fired. Finally admitted to work that me missed work was because of alcoholism. I was written up twice, so pretty much will be fired if I screw up again. I have several stipulations I have to follow. No unplanned absences without a doctor’s note. Pandemic is still raging, but I’m going into the office everyday. I like it. I was going way too long without seeing other people. It was great at first, but really started getting to me after a few months. Need to start studying for the MS-101, but I keep saying I’ll start next week.

There is probably a bunch more stuff I need to get down before I forget, but I’m tired. I’ll try and post at least once a week from now on.

No Work yet, new car, update

I did not end up going back to work. The COVID-19 restrictions were lifted for a week before the cases skyrocketed. Missouri had more cases in one day then ever before. So, I’ll be working from home until after July 4th, at the earliest.

My mail server can now send and receive mail. I still need to setup a proper SPF and DMARC DKIM records, so for the moment any sent mail is marked as spam. I’m lacking in the motivation department at the moment.

Some good news, the foot pain that took me out of jogging for a weeks has subsided, and I’m been able to jog a 10K two Saturdays in a row. Today’s was about 58 minutes, so pretty good for me. I think what really did me in was the 2-3 10Ks a week. That is just too much for someone my age, or maybe I just need to take is slower, until I’m in better shape.

I also decided to get some house plants. It was interesting to see that only two types of plants that Home Depot sold were not toxic to cats and dogs… I googled everyone they had, and came out with two. One is cool, with the bottoms of the leaves are purple, and in the day it spreads its leaves out, and at night it brings them up. Also a Fan Palm, or a Palm Fan, I forget. Ron Swanson has already knocked the Palm over, so I hope it takes root and recovers.

Anyway, here is my new car finished with the front windows tinted. I still haven’t hit 500 miles, but I’m loving the Android Auto. I decided to cancel Sirus XM and just use that for all audio and podcasts.

Love this thing
All four of my pets…
Excerpt from The Dresden files book I’m reading. I forgot the title, and it’s in the other room, so….
I’ve tried to get up early, like 6:30 or 7 am for a few weeks now. Keep failing and sleeping until 8:30-40

Going back to work Friday

It’s been a while. 10 days. I’ve been busy. Traded in my old 2013 Hyundai Elantra for a new 2002 Hyundai Kona. I’m really happy with the decision. It’s got all the nice new features, leather, Turbocharger, it’s a compact SUV, and it just looks really, really nice to me.

I also finally got around to selling my dad’s old 2003 Toyota Tacoma. It has been sitting in my driveway unused for a year or two, and before that I wasn’t using it more than once a month anyway. I put about 4k miles on it the six years I owned it.

Getting the front two windows tinted at lunch tomorrow, and then I’ll take some pics. I’m also going to work for the first time since March. They’ve got plastic dividers between our cubes, and were required to wear masks when we are in any of the common areas. We are also required to take our temperature every morning, and log it. Seems like a great way to make sure every one in the company touches the same thing, but I’m sure they’re bright enough to but hand sanitizer by it. If not, guess I’ll be washing my hands after. Excited to be back, and if I have to spend an hour 5 hours a week driving to and from work, at least I’ll be a lot more comfortable doing it.

I finished my first Ann Rice book. Not sure if it will be my last or not. The main character turns into a wolf. Then he randomly comes across some woman in the woods while and wolf form, and they bang. My sister Diana said that is fairly tame for some of Ann Rice’s books, so I guess I got lucky?

It’s Farley Quinn, get it? Get It? GET IT?

Clueless and Postfix

Clueless is on netflix, so I watched it tonight. Quite a few jokes went over my head when I was 13, but that didn’t stop me from watching it over and over again. I’d seen it too many times to actually sit and watch it, so I started setting up Postfix using this tutorial from Linux Bade.

Installed postfix, and attempted to send a message to my gmail. Postfix send me an NDR with error code 550-5.7.1. Looks like one of the reasons is I don’t have an IP6 PTR record… which is weird. I don’t know why google would assign an IP4, and not an IP6. Oh well, I’m sick of screwing with it for today.

I’m typing this from my Dell XPS 13 ultrabook. Ron Swanson knocked a glass of water on it a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to completely dismantling it to find the damage. After removing the wee little mother board by the pen, I found some corrosion on the underside. I has able to use a damp paper towel to clean some of it off. Then I used my phone as a magnify glass, and a scrapper to get in between the leads on the IC. Followed it up with a brush from a sneaker cleaning kit I had laying around. And to my surprise it powered back on, and booted to Widows without issue, I thought for sure I was writing off a $1200 dollar laptop.