Sneaker Net™ from Portland to KC

I volunteer to do some travel for work. It’s more secure and much easier to just ship out a NAS, fill it up, and then fly someone out to get NAS and bring it to the data center. So I got to go to Portland. It worked out so that I landed around noon, but my coworker didn’t land until 9 pm, so I got to explore. I saw some big-ass trees. Walked around the river front. Sooo many tent cities. It made me wonder if there was really a bigger homeless problem in Portland than most cities, or if they actually live better because at least they have tents?

The schedule was a little hectic. I took a 6 am flight to Dallas and then to Portland. Got the rental car. Checked in. Had a four cheese grilled cheese and Cajun tater tots at some bar. Checked out the Douglas Furs. Saw a big-ole metal syringe disposal trash can. Then went and picked up the co-worker at the airport. We had dinner at a different bar. Fish and Chips were pretty good. Actually the chips were the closest things I’ve ever had to the way the English do it, at least they looked like what I’ve seen on food network. Found a little café in an office building near the hotel and had breakfast burritos.

The actual NAS pickup took a couple hours. Longer than you’d think it would take, but it sounds like organization with this project was severely lacking 6-12 months ago. Still rebuilding it. From there is was to the airport at 2 pm, and take off at 3:45 pm. Landed in Pheniox and then on to KC. We landed at 11:30 pm. Data Center around 1 am, and then dropped my coworker off at his hotel near the airport.

It was funny, when we were boarding one of the planes one of the flight attendants yelled “how the heck did you guys get that this far!” And I replied “we bought it a ticket”, and that was that.

I will volunteer for another trip, because I enjoyed it. Although, I’m not sure how much of my enjoyment was because nothing was crowded. Like, what if I hate it next time because there will he thousands more people in my way? Time will tell, rookie beotch.

On the plane
Big-ass trees

Vaxxed and waxed, and ready for the beach.

I volunteered at a vaccine drive to push people around in wheel chairs. It was cool. Most people were nice. The person on oxygen that reeked of cigarettes. The one so large that there was no chance I could stop in time if a small child ran in front of us. I saw a person have a reaction and get taken away. Later on I spoke with one of the medics and he said he’s been giving them out since the beginning, and he’s only had a few reactions to the shot. This person, like most was just having an anxiety attack. Not surprising. It’s been stressful for everyone.

Pandemic OVER – Back to SHOOTINGS

I haven’t felt much end in sight, or that we would ever go back to normal in this country, but I’ve been proven wrong in the most dastardly way.

Tuesday March 16 2021 – Eight people killed at three different Asian Massage parlor in Atlanta, GA.

Monday March 22 2021 – Ten people were killed at a Colorado supermarket by a US citizen. No motive has been reported yet, but they have report that he was born in Syria, so I guess the GOP can call this one terrorism? Of course the white man that murdered 8 Asian people will be called “troubled” and “mentally ill” for his terrorism.

Time is passing so fast.

Another week! Lol

That was a joke about the frequency of my weekly posts. I will probably make it again.

Don’t really have much going on to talk about. Having really been saving any memes or anything. Work seems fine. I can’t tell if I’m really doing more harm than good on the team, but, have I ever really at any other place. Just got to believe the boss when he says keep up the good work.

Project might get delayed because of some audit or something, but that’s not my problem. And sounds like PIC knew it was going to happen, so they planned. Nice to work for a place I don’t find completely incompetent.