Packing day Saturday

So far no news is good news, so I guess my house is still closing twenty-four days. The plan is to finish putting shit in boxes this Saturday. Probably sort the storage out too.

Work crazy home crazy

Decided to sell house. Got offer after eight days. Buyer got scared off after inspection. So first deal fell though for 210k.

So this time I have fully moved into my mothers house. The plan is to give it a month in the market, and pull it if it doesn’t sell. I keep forgetting to write this down.

Seattle – was there day after Phoenix

I keep forgetting to finish this story, from like August 3, 2021. So there was the layover in Phoenix, and then we did finally make it to Seattle the next day, around 10 am. So we ate lunch at some generic mom and pop Chinese place, and then checked out put the Space Needle. We had a blast in the Modern Pop Culture Museum.


There were saw a Nirvana (the 90s grunge band) exhibit. It has his iconic off-white, or tan, or gray, or whatever —Color ambiguous— sweater. They also had a scary movie exhibit and a sci-fi fantasy exhibit. I saw the light saber and prosthetic hand when big daddy taught Little Luke a lesson in Star Wars. Bunch of Potter shit. Oh, and there was an Indie Gaming exhibit. It mostly just had the really popular games from the last ten years or so, but there was at least ten different stations to play the games, and a couple videos playing.

The sweater 🤩

After that we ate sushi and checked out this bridge troll before boarding a plane back to KC.


Overnight flight, at the data center by ten am, and finally home.

Unexpected Phoenix

I was supposed to fly to Seattle today. But the airlines seem to be having issues keeping up with -or maybe just adjusting to- the change in demand. COVID was over for like a month, and now we’re back in masks, so that’s hard to plan for. Ok, totally off topic now.

…I was on my to Seattle to do work, and we have a layover in Phoenix. Like five minutes before boarding the plane to Seattle, the flight gets canceled. They said the plane was broken, so better than letting us on it, for sure. So we get to working with the travel department, airline tells me the earliest is leaving at 11am the next day. Travel Department person called and they gave her an 8am, so I guess that’s how she earns a paycheck. lol.

So we went to this place called Snakes and Lattes to play board games. This terraform Mars game was cool.

Also need to get a game called Fluxx. It’s a card game where you the cards you play make the rules. Tons of fun.

Also, ordered from Cornish Pasty. I had a wonderful Chicken Tiki Masala Pasty, and some bacon wrapped meat balls. The meatballs were served on a bed of onions that were seasoned with mustard. Real heckin good.

This mf right here. This should be my last meal
Meatballs and mustard onions. I forget the actual name.

Oh, and palm trees and cactus or cacti.

The water was so hot it wasn’t even refreshing.

8am flight to Seattle… I hope!