New painting in the works

I was browsing National Geographic’s Instagram and found a photo I liked, so I printed it out, and I’ve got a sketch going. I’m going to use one of my 12×16 canvas boards.

Not sure if I’m done yet or not. I’m going to sleep on it. I usually scare them up if I keep painting.

Started drawing again

I started drawing a little while ago. Like a month or two ago. I’ve decided to post this one I’ve been working on before I screw it up by trying to do too much. That is what I normally do. It’s a drawing of some weirdo Canadian artist that I follow on social media. Summer Emerald.

I should probably scan it in. This looks distorted because I wasn’t able to get it exactly head on.

New level of Shitty Food Prep

I’ve had a lot of vet bills lately, and I haven’t really been paying attention to my spending. I also have been wanting to see how long I could live off of the food I already have stock-piled in the pantry, so that’s what I’m doing. I think it’s been three weeks since I’ve been to Costco or a grocery store.

My idea with the abomination pictured above was to do a somewhat Pad-Thai inspired dish. I didn’t have any peanuts, so the brown you’re seeing is half a can of refried beans. I used that with the soy sauce packet the noodles came with. Slapped a little Sriracha and jalapenos on top and here we are.


It’s a low fat food. FDA requires that 30% or less of a foods calories can come from fat to be labeled as a low fat food.

much train

Training for almost 6 weeks. No end in sight. I’ve got all the paperwork submitted for me VA/DOD stuff, but no contact from them yet.

Learning citrix atm. Mostly review, but some new info.